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Hello and thank you for visiting the Swim2u website!

Swimming lessons have been proven to boost your child's safety, confidence, and muscle and motor-skill development. We aim to help children develop water confidence safely, to encourage children to love the water and to develop a life-long love of the sport.

At Swim2u we believe that class sizes of 4 are the most developmental. All too often now children are being crammed into classes of 10, 12 or 15 and receiving very little feedback. When an instructor is on the poolside it is very difficult for the children to hear and see enough of the demonstrations to be able to learn from it, and quite often the instructor is unable to provide stroke analysis on all of the pupils in the one lesson. At the same time private lessons 1:1 or 1:2 do not always provide enough competition and interaction with other children in the water.

We will teach your child to swim the four recognised strokes in a relaxed and confident manner, improving their co-ordination, concentration, and stamina by using a hands-on approach to manipulate head and body positions. Children start to understand how executing certain movements create high quality swimming practice.

I am present at all of the swimming lessons to act as a Swimming Co-ordinator, to help with any queries that may arise. There are also a maximum of 6 instructors working within the Swim2u team in different areas of the pool at any one time. This allows children to develop and move up through the ability groups at the same time slots. It also enables siblings of different ages and/or abilities to swim at the same time, thus reducing the time spent watching your child/children at swimming lessons.

All of the Swim2u teachers are passionate about swimming yet patient with instruction!

On behalf of myself and the teaching team, we look forward to meeting you and your swimmer!

Julian Harforth


Clare & Georgina