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 Duckling Awards

Swim2u Swim School Duckling Awards

  • Travel 5 metres on the front to the side of the pool

  • Show a torpedo shape on front or back when pushed to a partner



Grade 4:


  • Jump unaided, but supervised, into the water

  • Submerge completely

  • Rotate through 360 degrees either horizontally or vertically

  • Show a mushroom OR a star float

  • Travel without assistance 10 metres on the front OR back

  • Climb out of the water with assistance if required


Grade 5:


  • This grade must be achieved without the use of buoyancy aids or adult support and assistance.

  • Show the sequence to jump in the water, turn around, swim back to the point of entry and hold the rail or side

  • Submerge completely and blow bubbles under the water

  • Push and glide achieving a distance of 2 metres on the front or back

  • Float on the front or back and regain standing/vertical position

  • Swim 5 metres on the front or back using an over water arm recovery

  • Exit safely showing correct use of the ladder (or steps if no ladder is available)