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 Belmount Grosvenor School


Belmont Grosvenor School


Swarcliffe Hall, Birstwith, Harrogate, HG3 2JG



Pool:    17m x 8m

Depth:  1.1m - 1.8m

Temp:  30 degrees



Sited in Birstwith, a village on the North side of Harrogate, the pool provides excellent links to the    Yorkshire Dales rural community and northern Harrogate (please see map below)


Directions to the Pool:

When you enter the village of Birstwith, go past the post office (located near the village school) on Wreaks Road and up Lackon Bank (the hill past St James’s Birstwith church). Belmont Grosvenor School is on the right.  If you are at all unsure of how to get there, please go onto the Belmont Grosvenor website www.belmontgrosvenor.co.uk, where you can click on a location map by accessing “The School” tab and then the “How to Find Us” button.


As you enter through the main gates of the school, please park in the car park directly on your left.  Cars are not allowed to drive through the school grounds.  The swimming pool is a short walk through the school grounds and is sign posted.


Entrance to the building:


Enter through the main doors into the foyer and the girls changing rooms are to the right and the boys to the left. Pool access is through the changing rooms for both swimmers and spectators


Viewing Point:


There is minimum seating on the poolside.

Please wear the overshoes provided.

Please do not eat and drink on poolside.

No pushchairs are allowed on poolside.


Changing Facilities:


Separate Boys and Girls communal changing rooms.


If your child is 8 years and over, under child protection laws, they must go into their appropriate gender changing rooms, (i.e. boys 8 and over must use the boys changing rooms, and girls 8 and over must use the girls changing rooms).


For children under 8 years old, they must change with their parent in the appropriate changing rooms (i.e. Female parents must not enter the boys changing rooms and Male parents must not enter the girls changing rooms).


As you can see by the photo of the pool, the Belmont Grosvenor School pool provides a 17 metre length by 8 metre width pool space.  This allows the younger and/or weaker swimmers to work through the widths and yet also provides the more advanced swimmer with a length distance of 17m, to build up stamina and distance through to pre-competition.


The pool also provides a 1.1 metre shallow end, suitable for the very young or very weak swimmer and a 1.8 metre deep end that allows the full range of Amateur Swimming Association (A.S.A.) awards, for the high ability swimmer, to be challenged, in addition to diving. 


So often now we are seeing pools that are of one depth of perhaps 1.2m throughout and this does not provide the correct teaching environment for children to learn the range of skills required for them to become confident, safe and efficient swimmers, for them to become safe and comfortable with varying depths of water and for them to learn jumps safely.


Location Map